Paul B Mann

Language-Engineering Toolmaker
I created the LRSTAR parser generator, which is a tool used for creating computer-language processors. Software engineers use LRSTAR to create compiler-front-ends, source-to-source translators, source-code analyzers and other things.

It's similar to Yacc/Lex, Bison/Flex, ANTLR and others, but offers more:
(1) It handles LR(k) language specifications (which is rare),
(2) It automates the building of whole compiler-front-ends and translators,
(3) It generates small, fast table-driven code, and
(4) It works well with Microsoft Visual Studio C++.

It's open-source software and available for free at:

You can find a lot of useful information at the website: LRSTAR.TECH

I make no money from this work, unless somebody pays me to help them build a language processor. This does not happen very often, so I'm like a starving artist, creating a masterpiece, but not getting paid.

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