Paul B Mann

Language/Compiler Engineering
I work in a field called "language/compiler engineering", which is the creative work of designing computer languages and building software for processing computer languages.  To be more specific, I build "tools" for language engineers and compiler engineers.  LRGen is my software tool which 1) reads a set of rules defining a language and 2) generates a program which can process that language.

I discovered the The XPL Grammar Analyzer in 1977, while at the University of Missouri in Rolla. I was fascinated by tools that could generate a parser from a grammar.  I guess I was a language engineer before anybody knew what that meant.  Things are changing now as books are being written about language engineering.  Most of the innovation in this field seems to be occurring in Germany and the Netherlands. 

People are finding out that "domain-specific languages" are very effective at providing solutions.  They can create a language for their specific needs and, with the aid of language design tools, they can quickly have a language processor for their language.

Software Products
DFA: fast lexer generator
LRGen: LR(1) parser generator

Method for Generating Optimized Vector Instructions from High-Level Programming Languages

A Translational BNF Grammar Notation (TBNF)

Lindedin Profile

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